Marla Hooch is your new favorite band

How did people discover new music before MySpace? We can’t even imagine a world without it. Our latest “discovery”: Marla Hooch. The band’s moniker is taken from Megan Cavanagh‘s character in A League of Their Own, so it’s already a been a household name since 1992. Smart move! But the band’s “About Me” is what really got us:

Marla Hooch is four Brooklyn girls wearing booty shorts playing post-riot girl dance punk, guaranteed to make onlookers dance their asses off in a sweaty, drunken frenzy. Influences include Ac/Dc, Lil’ Kim,Bikini Kill, and Joan Jett.

Sold! They had us at booty shorts, but their song “Seagull Beer” has these genius lyrics: “We’re here, we’re queer, we like cheap girls and we like cheap beer.” Amen!


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