Coming out still sucks

In Sunday’s New York Times, New York teen Zy-Tasia Gaines discusses being an out lesbian in her Jehovah’s Witness family and Queens high school. From her account, being gay is still difficult and parents still want their kids to produce babies, but only from a straight marriage. Good to know.

Zy-Tasia’s mom tries to set her up with random guys she meets on the subway, which sounds like last week’s “South of Nowhere” epsiode when Paula tries to force Spencer into liking that douche bag with a flat nose. But like Spencer, Zy-Tasia knows what she wants, and even though her girlfriend was sent away by homophobic parents, she stays faithful to her boo.

If there’s anything to learn from the article, it’s that our young queers aren’t afraid to back into the closet, even with all of the added pressure of going through puberty.


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