Estrojam vs. Fruit Jam

Two September festivals that happen this very same week are making you choose between your ladyness and your queerness, and it’s totally unfair. Are you more driven by your estrogen to corporate-sponsored Estrojam, or to the radically independent GLBTQ-and-everything-in-between Ms. Ida P’s Fruit Jam? Take our quiz and find out:

1. You are straight.

a. Yes–but sometimes bi.

b. No.

2. You are either turned on or intrigued by the names of bands like TrampSkirts and Trannysaurus Rex.

a. Never heard of them.

b. Sounds hot!

3. You prefer indoor venues.

a. Most definitely–I’m wearing make-up.

b. To farmland? Never.

4. You don’t mind spending money all week.

a. Fine by me.

b. You don’t need money for quality queer art and music.

5. Your preferred kind of “dirty” is:

a. Dirrrty.

b. Queer and dirty, in Tennessee.

Mostly As: You are going to Estrojam and hoping it is money well spent.

Mostly Bs: You are going to Planet Ida and may very well never return from the queer commune.


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