Leisha Hailey can’t even stand straight

In the new issue of Diva magazine, Leisha Hailey cocks her hips and head from side to side. Her inspired poses include props like a boom box, ironic T-shirt, and intensely confused brown doe eyes. Pop culture blog Oh No They Didn’t has the full article and photo spread so you don’t have to purchase the entire magazine, of which 1/4 is generally readable. We’ll save you the $5.

On Uh Huh Her:

“Cam and I are truly yin and yang. I’m a happy-go-lucky hippie and Cam is a dark, sexy, mysterious Berkley grad.”

On future goals:

“I’ll have plenty of time when I’m older to wake up, smoke pot, and paint.”

On her boo:

“Being with Nina is like being with a hot Willy Wonka and I’m Charlie, walking through her world.”


2 responses to “Leisha Hailey can’t even stand straight

  1. her shirt should say “nobody holds the yoplait commercials against me”

  2. Oh Gawd! I love this woman!

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