Kanye and 50 Cent: watch your backs

Everyone’s talking some mess about the battle between 50 Cent and Kanye West as both of their albums drop today. Even Kenny Chesney is trying to get on the publicity stunt, claiming he’ll outsell them both. But we think that Jenny Hoyston should be the one to move millions with her album, Isle Of, that she chose to release today, because it’s her birthday.

If you’re into any of Jenny’s other musical projects or indie pop with an edge, you’ll love Isle Of. And if you’re way into Jenny in general, you’ll be excited to know she’s on tour as Paradise Island this fall.

Things to do: wish Jenny a Happy Birthday, buy Isle Of, go to show, become superfan.

Sep 27 Emo’s Austin, Texas
Sep 29 Jackrabbit Lounge Shreveport, Louisiana
Oct 2 Rubber Gloves Denton, Texas
Oct 3 The Hi-Tone Memphis, Tennessee
Oct 4 The Parlour Ashville, North Carolina
Oct 5 Charm City Kitty Club Baltimore, Maryland
Oct 6 Charm City Kitty Club Baltimore, Maryland
Oct 7 Cake Shop New York, New York
Oct 8 Tritone Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Oct 9 Velvet Lounge Washington, DC
Oct 11 (Scene) Metro Space East Lansing, Michigan
Oct 12 House Party! Ann Arbor, Michigan
Oct 13 TBA Chicago, Illinois
Oct 14 Pi the bar Minneapolis, Minnesota
Oct 16 The Picador Iowa City, Iowa
Oct 17 Mojo’s Columbia, Missouri


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