DiFranco performs at saved church, stuck in ’90s

The Buffalo, NY church Ani DiFranco saved from demolition is making its debut as a concert venue tonight, with a performance by teenage lesbians’ favorite supposed bisexual folkster, DiFranco herself. DiFranco will perform tonight and tomorrow night in Asbury Hall, which was once a sanctuary.

Today, it was also announced that the church, formerly known (cleverly) as “The Church,” which also houses DiFranco’s Righteous Babe Records, has been dubbed “Babeland.”

First of all, why does it even need a name? Because Elvis had Graceland and Michael Jackson had Neverland? “The Church” was cute enough. It’s one thing the label is called Righteous Babe–after all, it was 1990 when she started it. That’s excusable. But it’s 2007 and Babeland just proves that DiFranco is clearly stuck in the ’90s.

At least she ditched the dreads.


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