Jenny, I’ve got your number, I need to make you mine

To be friends with Jenny Hoyston, you probably need to play an instrument, because you will most likely be joining in on one of her musical projects at any given time. But do not fear, they will be amazing and fun and socially aware. From Erase Errata, to her duets with folk-punk William Elliott Whitmore, to her solo stuff as both her own name and as Paradise Island, she has quite a reportoire.But Ms. Hoyston is a perfectionist, and someone who can’t ever sit still. Her new project, an experimental indie rock trio called LESBIANS, is just as good as her other shit (including the new album she’s releasing on her upcoming birthday, September 11–look for a review soon). The other band members in the best named band ever are Tara Jespen and Michelle Lawler.

From the LESBIANS myspace:

We are lesbian feminists, inspired by the divine goddess that lives in every woman. Working runways all over the world, sometimes in Prada and sometimes in nothing but a sports bra, a fanny pack and a tube of Chapstick… While the content may seem a little silly, the call for a new feminist world order is not.

That’s right, my sisters. And if the songs on their Myspace are any indication, any impending releases they come out with are going straight into our musical rotation. Jenny, I will learn the drums for you!


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