Dykes on bikes, with style

As a gay girl, one of the most important aspects of “your look” is your ‘do. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the ultimate boot-camp butch cut, or a femme with long locks that scream “this is the only thing ‘straight’ on my body!” (this is meant as opposed to curly), it’s what gives you the ultimate edge (this is meant as opposed to straight people.)

And as an environmentally conscious queer (or one that just can’t afford a car or hates public transit), bikes are an ideal mode of transport. This is why Canada always seems to offer more–girls that speak French, free health care, gay marriage….a bike shop that gives sweet haircuts to lesbians.

Révolution Montréal probably has the best business plan ever: Objective: meeting place for hot ladies. Action plan: haircuts, beer, bicycles. GO! It makes us want to get all Oprah about it and travel across the country to get something fixed. Oh Canada!


2 responses to “Dykes on bikes, with style

  1. i’m a boy and i want a lesbian haircut…

  2. i want a short cute gaygirl haircut! but my hairs real thick and i think it might look bad


    help mee?

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