Odd Girl Out is your new favorite band

We aren’t sure if Odd Girl Out is a tribute to an awesome Lifetime movie of the same name, but one thing is clear: they are queer ladies who play pop-punk and aren’t ashamed of it, like we’re not ashamed to admit that we think that lead singer Tawni is a stone cold fox, and guitarist Kristen is a seriously babetastic butch.

The Baltimore quintet are playing at PhaseFest in DC this weekend with other “odd” acts like Katastrophe, Nicky Click and Team Gina. It kicks off tonight, and you can read interviews with OGO and the other acts playing in Metro Weekly’s online edition


2 responses to “Odd Girl Out is your new favorite band

  1. Odd Girl Out lifetime movie was based off a book about general scenarios of what school girls face. My friend read it and said it was a bit dry.

    Also Ann Bannon wrote a book called Odd Girl Out. I didn’t like it. It didn’t end how I wanted it to.

  2. the band was around before the tv movie so i dont think they named themselves after that.

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