Kim Stolz brings the gay to MTV, has new haircut

Model/reality television star/VJ Kim Stolz brought a little more gay to MTV News this week and she didn’t even have to kiss any straight women. Her video interview with some famous lesbian Quin twins about gay marriage highlighted their views on the hot-button topic, and also Kim’s new bob.

Is the look Anna Wintour-inspired? Is it a wig? Is it an attempt to look like our GIAH editor Amandalyn Ferri? With the Tegan and Sara interview, Kim proved she knows how to write a news story and conduct an interview with sexy Canadian women, but it’s just so hard to get past the hair. Bring back the butch cut!

Check out Kim’s blog and show on MTVU, The Freshmen. Her taste in music is a redeeming quality.


4 responses to “Kim Stolz brings the gay to MTV, has new haircut

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  2. she’s pretty either she has long short or whatever..she’s goregeus with whatever hair

  3. i think she’s pretty and……and i love her attitude she is so funny pritty nice and everything that’s good is in her(love jessica) *xoxoxo*

  4. the only reason i saw antm was because of her…and im not a fan of antm….she definitly beautiful……i loved her in antm and im sure if i talked to her i would love her more and more

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