This quarter in Girls Like Us

There’s only one thing that sucks about Girls Like Us magazine, and that is that it’s only available in select locations around the world. Otherwise, it’s damn near perfect. GLU is a quarterly magazine out of Amsterdam that is heavy in the Q&As with important dykes and inspired photography and art that you certainly can’t find in other magazines. Plus, they have American Apparel underwear with their logo on it–hot.

The spring issue has an interview with the Voodoo-EROS family (including the ladies of CocoRosie), and comic artist/”L Word” staff writer Ariel Schrag. One of the best features is about purses that look like vaginas. It’s reason enough to spend ten American dollars on the mag, which also has a spread on dildos in outer space. Some of the pics from the magazine are on its website, but seriously–support lesbians doing awesome things and buy a subscription, and you’ll get your own pair of GLU American Apparel jersey boy briefs.


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