Lesbian ACTION!

If you think you’ve seen every film or TV show with a gay girl kissing scene, think again. There’s an entire website called ELMS dedicated to lesbian frenching (and more, when available) with plot descriptions and screen shots of the sapphic scenes. The listings include mainstream films, erotic films, documentaries, music videos and foreign films–an all inclusive library of lesbian lip-locks.

In perusing the site, we found a 2007 film, Brutal, which describes the “lesbian content”¬† as such: “Two girls are making out at a bar. Afterwards they take their car to a desolate forest road whey they continue making out and more.” As the rest of the actual film description says it’s a horror flick, it’s probable that these teen lesbians are “brutally” murdered in the desolate forest, but thankfully the screen shots stop at one of the girls taking off her mesh top.

If you’re looking for a new straight-to-DVD movie to laugh at, or for screen captures of Wild Things 2 , the site is a great way to waste an afternoon. God Bless the Internet.


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