Mika Miko is your new favorite band

Like true L.A. punks, Mika Miko are a band that has to be seen live before you can truly experience their no wave wonderfulness. Their Kill Rock Stars debut C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. definitely rocks, but their energy is so contagious when they are playing on a stage or living room floor, it’s impossible to resist. Queer feminist punk sung through a telephone-turned-microphone–what could be more amazing?

Last year they toured with Erase Errata and The Gossip, but this month they are coming back through to smaller venues. Take advantage!

Aug 10 – SS Marie Antoinette – Seattle, Washington
Aug 11 – Satyricon – Portland, Oregon
Aug 12 – 21 Grand – Oakland, California
Aug 13 – KCPR/Cal Poly State – San Luis Obispo, California
Aug 17 – DEATH BY AUDIO – NYC, New York
Aug 18 – Danger Danger House – Philly, Pennsylvania
Aug 19 – Floristree Space – Baltimore, Maryland
Aug 20 – Velvet Lounge – Washington DC
Aug 21 – Garfield Artworks – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aug 22 – Reckless Records – Chicago, Illinois
Aug 22 – Empty Bottle – Chicago, Illinois
Aug 24 – Sneaky Dee’s – Toronto, Ontario
Aug 26 – Lambi – Montreal, Quebec
Aug 28 – Robot Mansion – North Adams, Massachusetts
Aug 29 – as220 – Providence, Rhode Island
Aug 30 – Obrien’s Pub – Boston, Massachusetts
Aug 31 – DEATH BY AUDIO – Brooklyn, New York


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