Do it Yourself, North Carolina

Hey you in North Carolina–stop posting a missed connection for every possible dyke you see and get in on this action. The organizers of Be Your Own Hero Fest in Wilmington, NC are tired of waiting for things to happen, so they’re putting on an all-day DIY extravaganza with bands, a veg potluck, “the Really Really Free Market,” and workshops.

You can sign up to host a workshop between now and August 29, and they suggest any kind of gathering and learning fun including zine making, queer consciousness, knitting, bike repair, or capture the flag. Take these ideas and run with them or stop complaining there is nothing to do.

Be Your Own Hero Fest is scheduled for Sunday, September 16 at the Soapbox Laundro Lounge in downtown Wilmington.


One response to “Do it Yourself, North Carolina

  1. hey thanks so much for spreading the word about the Be Your Own Hero Fest!

    I’ll be sure to name drop this blog on mine. i really like what you have here. i’ll definitely be checking back regularly.


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