Another kind of D-list

A new celesbian has been in all the gossip rags lately, care of her speculated relations with Lindsay Lohan. Los Angeles based DJ Samantha Ronson pals around with LiLo in between gigs at private parties, after-shows, and exclusive bars, but her real talent is obviously writing.

Case in point, her blog. Ms. Ronson has advice for the women on the VH1 show “Rock of Love,” who are all vying for the attention of Poison frontman, Bret Michaels (yeah, we don’t know why either.)  The women like their sauce and they also like to dance at really random times, like 10 a.m. Lindsay Lohan’s bff has this advice for them:

1. if the sun is shining- put the bottle down
2. if the moon is out and you already finished the bottle- don’t open another one!
3. you can’t draw blood from a stone- so stop trying to talk sense into one another-
4. and this one is really really important… these people can help you!!!

Good to know. Not sure who “these people” are, but perhaps she’s referring to someone involved in a rehab center.


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