The end of Lextasy

In the season finale of “Degrassi,” Paige tells Alex she is read to be an all out ‘mo and asks her to be her sweetheart. Alex says “duh” and they canoodle on the couch. But Alex isn’t ready to give up stripping yet as the rent still needs to be paid. Unfortunately, once she finds out her Mom used the cash she  made dancing to make bail for her loser boyfriend, she is super pissed and feels like she needs the money even more because now she’s on her own.

Paige still doesn’t know Alex is a dancer, but hates the fact that Alex would even work at a place like Zanzibar. But she pays Alex a visit, and instead finds Lextasy heading up to the stage. A post-show confrontation leads to Paige getting pissed and throwing the flowers at Lextasy, who cries alone at her stripper station.

It finally comes to a head when a dirty old rich man pretends he just wants to talk with Lextasy, and she starts to tell him how she’s a lesbian and refers to Paige as her partner. Then he says he’ll pay for her “services” and she finally has enough. She quits and goes to find Paige, who is attending a Degrassi High School dance for an unknown reason, as she graduated from the school last year.

Alex shows up wearing a red dress Paige bought her, and they quite easily reconcile. Alex admits the truth to Paige (mom, loser boyfriend, rent, etc.), and asks for help. They embrace (in a hug) and dance into the night.

Now that “Degrassi” is off-air until October, this can only mean one thing: “South. Of. Nowhere.” This Friday, it begins again on The N and from the looks of it, it is gonna get good. Which means we can only hope that this season there will be even more girl-on-girl hugging and peck kisses, because that’s all we harmless gay ladies want.


2 responses to “The end of Lextasy

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  2. Kinda reminds me of when paige thru the flower but in a mean way. lol

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