Queer women in Michigan only once a year

It happens every August, when all of the gay women who enjoy nature and nudity congregate in a podunk country town on the west side of Michigan. There is music and art and some feminism with a mix of promotional product placement. Most aptly call this event “Michigan.”

If you absolutely must attend the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (August 7-12) this year despite it a.) being in Michigan and b.) being anti-trans then do it only because you desperately want to see Erase Errata, Lesbians on Ecstasy, and Hanifah Walidah. Because if you say you are going there for hot women or to take your shirt off, we can gladly point you in the direction much closer to home that doesn’t involve such narrow-minded exclusivity, and has way more options in the form of attractive women (even if you live in Michigan.)

You can read more about MWF and Camp Trans (a trans-inclusive camp across the way in protest of the fest) at Michelle Tea’s OurChart blog.


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