Have A Drink to Underage Babes!

It’s Monday which means Friday is right around the corner which means start the countdown to the season premiere of South of Nowhere. Last season left us with so many important questions: Will there still be a Splashley? Will Madison still be a botch? Will Clay still be addicted to pain killers? Will anyone actually care about Clay and Glen?
Get your Friday night started right with a good ol’ fashion S.O.N. drinking game.


  • Beer
  • Liquor
  • Shot Glass
  • Cable
  • Friends (optional)

Take a sip of beer when…

  • Spencer furrows her brow
  • Madison is bitch
  • Glen is a d-bag (this is a judgement call amongst your party
  • Dad takes his kids’ side over his wife’s

Take a shot when…

  • Someone in the room disagrees over who is better looking, Ashely or Spencer
  • There is sexual tension between Aiden and Ashley
  • Glen pops a pill
  • There is any reference to religion

Chug beer whenever…

  • Someone makes reference to the Carlins being from the Midwest
  • Anything involving Clay’s child

Chug liquor whenever…

  • Spencer’s mom makes a homophobic remark

South of Nowhere starts August, 10th at 8pm (EST) on The-N.


2 responses to “Have A Drink to Underage Babes!

  1. I’m pretty sure everyone’s gonna be shitfaced drunk after all those shots, due to the unfortunate presence of Aiden up Ashley’s ass this season.

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