You’re less gay when you go shopping

Before technology, people were only able to be judged by other humans. Luckily, science has progressed, and we can now be judged by Facebook. The social networking site that started as an online college yearbook of sorts now lets anyone and their grandma join as to compete with Myspace. Now they are adding even more content, including music quizzes, compatibility surveys, and a lesbian detector.

Once you add the lesbian detector application (log in and search in the applications bar), your profile is judged on its lesbian tendencies (or lack thereof.) While all three GIAH editors received a score of 10% for being female, others received higher scores for listing interests such as “coffee” (1 point) or “beer” (3 points). A straight friend received points for liking “Arrested Development”; another friend was definitely NOT a lez because she liked shopping (negative 7 points!) A friend was decidedly not a lesbian, also, despite his earning points for listing Tori Amos, Shakira and Sarah McLachlan as musical faves, because he ultimately lost 10 points for being a male.

Sadly, Facebook is not an accurate tool for figuring out if a straight girl might turn for you, nor for deciding your sexuality for you. It doesn’t even know you–what a sham!


2 responses to “You’re less gay when you go shopping

  1. I’m hating on the facebook applications. I usually see in the “news feed” that 1-2 days after adding an application, the person removes it.

    ps i was trying to get to this site and I wrote in the browser


  2. Lesbian Detector is a spoof application designed to highlight the limitations of stereotypes and the pointlessness of facebook applications.

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