July is hardly over

If you didn’t like Me and You and Everyone We Know, then we don’t like you. You just don’t get us! That movie makes us depressed, ecstatic, creeped out, inspired, and sexy all at the same time. Miranda July is an artistic genius in many different forms and this summer, it’s in the form of her book of short stories, No One Belongs Here More Than You.

July (an open bisexual) writes in the first person for each different character she narrates in the book. She even manages to capture the essence of an elderly man’s stream-of-consciousness as he has homo relations while on ecstasy. That is talent.

One of the best stories in No One Belongs Here…is “Something That Needs Nothing” about two girlfriends who move from a podunk town to Portland and sell themselves to an old woman to make rent, among other things that take a toll on their relationship. The story was published in the New Yorker before the book was released, giving it major buzz.  If you are absolutely opposed to reading, or want to hear Miranda’s childlike voice read you a bedtime story, listen to her read it aloud on this podcast.


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