We are a part of the Siren Nation

Portland is living up to its reputation of being extremely gay. The all-women music and arts festival Siren Nation has announced its initial musical line-up and queer ladies dominate. The Gossip, Mirah, Swan Island and Swallows are the biggest acts that will play during the fest November 1-4.

Siren Nation will also offer free workshops to women and a marketplace for lady entrepreneurs and organizations to meet and network. It’s like Ladyfest but with a different name–one that is ironically described by Wikipedia as a “decoy” to seamen who became distracted by the siren’s music and shipwrecked. This could be ironic, or totally intentional.


2 responses to “We are a part of the Siren Nation

  1. thanks for getting it!
    see further definitions of siren: “a seductively beautiful or charming woman” “a bewitching woman” “a penetrating warning sound” “seductive or tempting, esp. dangerously or harmfully”
    watch our y’all, THIS is Siren Nation

  2. Ya’ll Rock! Thanks for posting this! We hope to see you and all of your friends in Portland Town in Nov!

    PS. Also another definition of siren is “an instrument to produce a loud audible call meant to be heard at great distances”!


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