Uh Huh Her: no longer just a PJ Harvey album

Leisha Hailey likes to do it with other people. In The Murmurs, she was joined by Heather Grody. In her new band Uh Huh Her (oddly named after a somewhat-recent PJ Harvey album), her sidekick is Camila Grey. Together, they sing well enough to cover up any weaknesses they might show if they sang alone. It works for them on their debut EP, I See Red (Plaid Records).

The five-song disc is technically only four songs, as the first track is a remix of “Say So,” the band’s first release that has been a hit on Myspace. But in only four songs, it’s easy to see that technology has been good to Hailey. The keyboards add a complimentary edge to the ladies’ sweet, sultry and vulnerable vocals, and yet they totally maintain the rock sound that Los Angeles indie has carved into a niche for the rest of the country to imitate.

Fans of Hailey will be the first ones to buy I See Red (if they haven’t already), but right behind thtem should be straggling music fans unaffected by Hailey’s sexuality or lesbo-celeb status. The real test of Uh Huh Her’s staying power and musical ability will be determined when they start playing live, which begins with a small show in L.A. on August 19. If they can recreate “Explode” and “Run” live, then Uh Huh Her has a shot at mainstream success. This may mean more straight dudes at their concerts, though, so be prepared to punch a douche if he talks about ogling Hailey’s breasts. That’s YOUR woman!


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