This Week in The Advocate

Don’t be fooled by the promise of “sex” in the new issue of The Advocate–it’s not for you, ladies. {Sigh} Sad how it’s becoming so predictable that the national GLBT news publication still favors males over the fairer sex because they bring in more advertising dollars. They tried to throw us a couple of bones (that weren’t attached to a man)–an interview with dyke porn director Shine Louise Houston, an editorial by Guinevere Turner that’s more about labels than labias, and a portrait of the token lesbian masturbating material icon, Katherine Moennig.

It’s still very, very sad in relation to the rest of the magazine’s men-heavy content. Even Katherine looks sad as she stands fully-clothed next to pages of bulging penises. We’d love to be surprised sometime by The Advocate. We’d love for their sex issue to stop being a tease, and give us some lady action. How about Shine Louise Houston and other filmmakers have a viewing party where they try to distinguish real lesbo porn from staged, straight professionals, pointing out why and how you can tell? How about Guin, Kate, and others talk dirty to us and share funny or serious sex stories and tips?

Advocate, all we ask is that you stop faking and provide us with some real entertainment.


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