So gaymous!

The summer issue of Missbehave magazine taught us a lot–like, stun guns come in pink, rats are cute and Jenny Shimizu is fucking 40! Our BFF fashion mag featured an enlightening Q-and-A with the former model and from the looks of things, 40 is the new 25, because girl looks better now than she did in the early ’90s–you know, when I was in elementary school, fighting with girls over boys (sick!)

Anyway, what really got me thinking about this interview wasn’t that she points out her “lesbian affair” with Angelina Jolie was like a decade ago–it was the fact that some of her own friends say they’re not really sure what she’s known for these days, aside from being a professional gay.

“It wasn’t as if a PR company said, ‘You should be Jenny the Lesbian!’ Things just worked out that way,” she told the mag.

Sure, she was in Jamie Babbit’s Itty Bitty Titty Committee and had 1.5 appearances on LOGO’s Curls Girls, hosting a surf competition, but Shimizu is unfortunately best known for being that gay model who fucked Ambassador Jolie. It made us realize, there are plenty of other well-known women who are famous simply (or at least mostly) because they’re big ol’ queers.

Portia de Rossi: OK, we just found out she’s actually going to be on the fifth season of Nip/Tuck (this time, playing the true lez that she is), but that’s not until October and Arrested Development was canceled how long ago? While Portia is a total fox, she’s lately been best known as Ellen D’s gf, aka a famous (and stylish) gay.

Tammy Lynn Michaels: Also known as Tammy Lynn Etheridge, it’s a no-brainer what TLM is best known for. (She and Melissa E “tied the knot” in 2003). After her WB show Popular went off the air, Tammy popped out twins and appeared on the first season of The L Word as a total creepfest. But, it’s not like she hasn’t done anything since. She does keep a blog!

Mary Cheney: Something something Colorado Rockies, something something Coors Beer (and she’s gay? no way!) Something something conservative Republican Vice President father=a book all about being gay and people will care because it’s ironic!? ‘Nough said.

Honey Labrador: When Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Girl totally tanked, former model Honey Labrador was no worse off. It was an easy transition back to being … gay, and she even added clothing designer to her resume. Some of her Honey L Designs have been featured on The L Word and that link on her site about getting in her jeans really is about pants.

Kim Stolz: Sure, we collectively have a big ass crush on the former America’s Next Top Model contender who frenched a girl in the back of a limo on screen, but no one’s really sure what she’s up to these days. Forget the whole Elite modeling and MTVU VJ gigs; say the name Kim Stolz and most people will say, “Oh yeah, that tomboy lesbian from Top Model.”

Aneesa Ferreira: The Real World Chicago was the first season that featured not one, but two homos. My, how far we’ve come! Well, not that far– all we cared about what butchy babe Aneesa was hookin’ up with or cat fighting with, but that’s beside the point. Since Chicago, Aneesa’s been on MTV pretty much non-stop, competing in seemingly every Duel, Inferno, Gauntlet, Battles of the Sexes, Battle of the Seasons there is. She’d be perfect if Murray and Ellis-Bunim were in the market for a Battle of the Famous for Being A Lesbian on Reality TV. (Genesis, where are you?)


One response to “So gaymous!

  1. Jenny is hot and cool, but best of all NICE!

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