On this past week’s episode of “Degrassi” (titled “Don’t You Want Me Part 1”), Alex‘s mom finds out they will be evicted from their craptastic apartment care of credit card debt rang up by Mom’s awesome broke boyfriend. Suddenly Alex’s job at the movie concession stand ain’t cutting it and she gets a job at Zanzibar, the local tittie bar. She starts out as a waitress, hating on the strippers that lead the businessmen to the back room “Paradise” until she realizes she could make some major dough showing off her goods.

She rents (or quite possibly already owns) a strip aerobics DVD and tries to work it out in her bedroom but decides against it momentarily as she feels ridiculous, despite her fairly good moves. In other drama, Paige tells Alex she’s done with Jesse because they had “zero in common” and then says, “Here I am, chilling with you, and it feels right.” She leans in to kiss Alex, who gets pissed and demands Paige stops breaking her heart–the poor girl is already broke in every other way. Damn, Paige!

Paige then freaks, and maintains she’s already got “one gay brother” and her parents can’t handle another crisis right now. She’s supposed to pop out grandchildren! “I don’t know what I am!” Paige says and then Alex reminds her that she’s bisexual and it’s not really that tragic.

Now Alex is totally determined to forget all that whack biz of Paige’s fucked up sexuality and decides to make the big bucks by baring it all. The episode concludes with the announcer at Zanzibar introducing the club’s hottest new stripperella, Lextasy, and Alex taking her position on the pole.

Next week: Paige visits her boo at the club and gets pissed that she’s naked in public. Leave it to “Degrassi” to provide us with the best in lesbian storylines.


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