This Month in Curve

Curve Magazine touts itself as the World’s Best Selling Lesbian Magazine! Of course, it doesn’t have much competition since Girlfriends and On Our Backs folded, Velvetpark comes out so sporadically you forget it exists, and other gay girl mags are either free or strictly regional. Congrats, Curve.

The July/August issue of the mag is its annual music issue, and readers might be surprised by the cover, or extremely confused. Hot musicians? Finally. But there’s five girls, from three different bands, all nominally known despite their being of the better queer music made. Curve gets a high five for featuring Boyskout, The Shondes, and Lesbians on Ecstasy, but the rest of the issue is reminder enough for how behind the times it is.

This month, Katherine Moennig is referred to as Shane both on the cover and in the headline to the article written about the actress’ work with homeless teens, the “news” reports that there is trouble on the set of “Grey’s Anatomy” because Isaiah Washington called T.R. Knight a fag, and- THIS JUST IN- Drew Barrymore has done it with girls. It’s so good we have Curve to report on 2006.

In other predictable features, The Cliks are profiled but, despite there being three lesbians in the band, the FtM frontman Lucas is interviewed, like ever other gay rag and site. Toshi Reagan, Erin McKeown and God-Des and She get their obligatory raves, and a bunch of other ladies are called sexy just because Curve can’t justify writing about them any other way.

On the plus side, stories on the Top 10 gay women in the music biz and a chat with Team Gina make it worth a glance. However, this won’t make up for Lipstick and Dipstick. Ten points docked!


One response to “This Month in Curve

  1. Lipstick and Dipstick make me fear for the youth of today. I hope what with the internet it’s not like back in my day when isolated queer teenagers might actually rely on national gay rags to help them feel connected to something…otherwise shudder.

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