Take a survey: people will say gay girls are at the low end of the style totem pole. It’s most likely because we seem to love our T-shirts. Everyone else seems content with Threadless art, but lesbians love the pussy T’s. Give us a stereotypical shtick about power tools, vaginas and the butch/femme dynamic and it’s a done deal.

Awful dyke T designers, we salute you for helping make a mockery of our fashion and female loving. At least you’re moving past “No one knows I’m a lesbian” and “I heart pussy.” Other awesomely horrible shirts are to be laughed at now and forever.


Utilizing the tired diver metaphor, this shirt employs a tag-line so that readers are sure to understand we never tire of going downtown. All dwellers of Dykesville are constantly diving, despite the misleading graphic of a woman swimming between the text.



Lesbians have ladies on the brain, even if they are being x-rayed or punk rock. Skulls are all the rage at the Hot Topic so it’s only fitting we get such a creative piece of work to join in the morbid fun because we’re hardcore like that.



If you have to profess it on your chest, it’s probably not true–then you’re just a walking oxymoron, like Shane when she’s supposed to be a hair dresser and she has an ugly shag ‘do circa Season 2. There’s also a Bette and Alice T–no love for the rest of “The L Word” crew. I’m an Angus?



If your lipstick has to be labeled, you’re probably not a real LL. You also wouldn’t wear this ugg T with a high neck and neon obnoxiousness.


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