Degrassi: The Next Generation of Gay Girls

alexpaige1.jpgThe Noggin (or The N as it’s more commonly referred to by those in the know) is battling Bravo and Logo to be the gayest station on television. The N wins in the lesbian programming department for two reasons: “South of Nowhere” and “Degrassi: The Next Generation.”

This season on “Degrassi,” the blonde bisexual PR student Paige and her butchy bad girl ex Alex are quite possibly getting back together. Despite Paige’s slutastic tendencies (with dudes, natch), she kissed Alex in Episode 2, and Alex freaked out. Episode 3, Alex kisses Paige; Paige freaks out. What. The Fuck. Girls, get it together!

A brief backstory on these two for losers that don’t watch teen TV: Paige has been a Degrassi character since the beginning (2001.) She was a stuck-up snot that hooked up with all kinds of dudes (including a student teacher and a rival school basketball player who later raped her because he’s an asshole.)

Alex came onto the show as a hardass, dating thealexjay.jpg school drop-out Jay while threatening to out the show’s first gay character, Marco, when they both run for student council. Internalized homophobia working its magic, Alex later makes a move on Paige after they start working together at the movie theater and form a special bond over buttered popcorn. Alex has a fucked up home life, Paige has a gay brother–the script basically wrote itself.

Paige and Alex lasted a few episodes and broke up. In this new season, they are BFFs who have really bad timing. As of Episode 2, Paige is dating two dudes, Alex is dating some other girl, Carla, but according to previews (and subsequent spoilers), their inner turmoil isn’t over.

GIAH will keep you posted with Palex updates so keep checking back. Especially after next week’s episode in which, as previews show, Alex becomes “The N’s” first lesbian stripper. Does it really get any better?

Their relations are best viewed while scored by this Avil Lavigne ditty.


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